Welcome to Alan Swinbank blog, where you can learn all about horse racing now, as this is one of the most popular forms of entertainment for a lot of people, as it has been in the past. Horse racing nowadays has been a challenging type of sport, and many don’t understand the beauty of it, especially the royal aspects of it, but believe us, this sport is one of those who require being disciplined, and people who actually do it (jockeys) live a life full of excitement and challenges.

Nevertheless, as a sport, it is a joy to watch. It is exciting and yet, really elegant, Horse racing now has become one of the old-school sports that requires a lot of knowledge for people to be able to comprehend. But don’t worry, here, you’ll get a lot of knowledge about horse racing now, enjoying it ,tips and tricks to figure the rules, its history and everything else that you might be interested in.

So, if horse racing nowadays is your main interest, stay tuned with us, we’ll give you live updates on the most common trends, competitions, event and everything else revolving around horse racing.

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Introduction to Horse Racing: History & Facts

Did you know that horse racing is called the sport of kings? This is because it is an ancient sport with origins dating back to 4500 BC, as the first nomadic tribesmen in Central Asia domesticated horses. Before progressing to the new days when it is one of the newest legal casino gambling option.

In fact, throughout history, it has proven to be one of the most interesting sports for spectators across America, and more than 50 million spectators attended the events since 1989. Also, this included more than 8000 days of events and more than $9 billion were gambled throughout these events.

In the USA, the most famous events include flat-course racing using Thoroughbred horses. Another popular form of horse racing is quarter horses and harness racing.

However, you should know that the modern racing that we know now of, originates in the 12th century. At that time, knights from England came home from their Crusades and they brought the famous Arab horses, taking the attention of the locals. They bred the Arab stallions with English mares with the aim of producing horses that are enduring and fast, and the nobility of the society privately wagered on these matches, determining which one will be the fastest one.

As a recognized professional sport, horse racing strived in the time of Queen Anne (the beginning of the 1700s). This is when the races with numerous horses were introduced, and people were able to bet on them.

Major Competitions

It is reasonable to say that horse racing has been a really popular sport and form of entertainment for quite some time, and as such, it has created a list of very popular sports events that sports betting enthusiasts like betting on. Nowadays, as the trends are developing, people resort to legal online casinos for sport betting, as they can place live bets and enjoy winning real money. The legal online casinos are the best way for regular online and live betting because the convenient, offer live betting options and an abundance of casino bonuses. Such casino bonuses allow the online casino players to get more for their money too. For instance, the no deposit casino bonus allows online casino players to place bets for free while having an option to win real money prizes. Besides these, there are other casino bonuses that are really handy. But, finding the events to place regular or live bets on can be hard. This is why we have a list of the major horse racing competitions you should have in mind:

  • Kentucky Derby. Louisville, Kentucky
  • The Preakness Stakes. Baltimore, Maryland
  • Belmont Stakes. Elmont, New York
  • Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. Paris, France
  • The Royal Ascot. Ascot, England
  • Dubai World Cup. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • The Grand National. Aintree, England
  • Melbourne Cup. Melbourne, Australia

Everyday’s Racing Events Live

Follow the everyday racing events live, you can do so by watching the sports live, or follow the latest news, stats and odds on such sites. Knowing these things will help your sports betting game, and it will also be really exciting. Watching racing events while being live in the place is a really cool thing to do, but it can be hard to stumble across one.